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The meat scandals of recent years have greatly increased people‘s awareness of the importance of product safety and quality. This is particularly true for the sensitive meat and sausage industry.

The high demands that Reinert places on the quality of its meat and sausage products pay off: both in the trust of the consumers, who have opted for Reinert products for years, and in the awards for high product quality that the company receives year after year from renowned institutions and associations.  

  • Innovation
  • Craftsmanship
  • Quality Controls


Reinert cultivates the Westphalian butcher‘s tradition and continues to develop it with modern recipes and state-of-the-art technology. With its innovations, the family-run business is a trailblazer in the German sausage market. A well-known example is the Reinert Sommerwurst: the Cervelat sausage “matured in cloth” came onto the market in 1969 – and was the first-ever brand sausage in Germany. To this day, the taste of Hans Reinert’s Sommerwurst is just as authentic, unmistakable and characteristic as it was forty years ago.

From innovation to a classic

In the 1990s, Reinert introduced a completely new taste experience with its Chambelle Gourmet Salami. The composition of salami matured for a long period and original French Camembert was an absolute novelty and required special expertise for its manufacture. After 15 years, Chambelle, with its French flair, has long become a classic at the service counter and on the cold shelf. Its taste and product quality impress to this day.

Innovative products for young and old

With Reinert Teddy Bear Sausage, the private meat producer has also been successful with a product concept that, after more than ten years, still satisfies the taste of young sausage fans. Reinert has also given thought to modern cuisine: Reinert Ham Nuggets and Grandma Alma‘s Shredded Ham are practical raw ham products that give soups, salads, etc. a hearty flavour in a jiffy.

Close to the market and the consumer

Before every product development, Reinert conducts intensive market research and establishes close contact with business partners and consumers. This exchange ensures that innovations take the wishes of the customers into account and offer them great sausage with real added value. 


As a private meat producer with traditional recipes and artisanal production methods, Reinert nurtures the traditions of the Westphalian butcher‘s craft to this very day. Above all, this includes the high quality of the basic ingredient, meat: Reinert uses only high-grade muscle meat from pigs, poultry and cattle, and bacon. Natural spices such as green pepper, bell peppers and chili peppers give our sausage products a special touch. Artificial flavour enhancers are not used.

Meticulous craftsmanship

Even though the formerly small Reinert family business has long since changed into a modern industrial enterprise, craftsmanship is still very important for the Versmold company. It is indispensible for traditionally salting and curing legs of ham. Nor are the fine pâtés produced by machines, but elaborately prepared by hand and coated with vine leaves, spices, herbs or cheese.

Natural long maturing period

Good taste needs time – that is why Reinert raw sausage products are manufactured using only a natural maturing process without artificial accelerators. The sausages mature until they have completely developed their taste and reached the correct firmness. This can take up to eight weeks. The perfect level of maturity is determined by Production Manager Michael Koch – and not by a machine.    

Complete chain of custody

Produce first-class quality: that is Reinert‘s guiding principle. This begins with the selection of ingredients and strict incoming goods checks. The family-run company obtains its meat requirement exclusively from suppliers certified in accordance with the quality standards of the International Food Standard (IFS). Whether meat, spices, sausage casings or packaging film – all raw materials and materials are carefully checked before being further processed.

Traceability and transparency of all products

In addition, every further step of production is documented: from the raw material to the final product, all goods are subjected to permanent sensory, chemical and bacteriological checks by the company‘s own laboratory and independent institutes. The complete chain of custody enables traceability of every component and the greatest possible product transparency. Potential risks for the consumer (e.g. due to allergens) can be identified and excluded in the laboratory tests at an early stage.
Thanks to its high-quality raw materials and comprehensive quality management system, Reinert can guarantee its customers consistently safe products.